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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Local Products Wu Lam Kok (Canarium Pimela or Black Olives)

Wu Lam Kok (Canarium Pimela or Black Olives)

canarium pimela in Guangzhou

Canarium Pimela commonly known as Wu Lam Kok, also known as Black olives, is the city by the famous native products, It's "Zengcheng ten treasure" one (the other nine Po is Gualv litchi, late cabbage, Mew rice, white kiosk sweet potato, Tong Tau Zhengguo yellow vegetables, small building black melon, immortal sausages, dense stone tomatoes, grass jelly), which the body is a treasure: the system Lam Kok Lam meat, oil extraction; Terminalia can be used for dishes, but also a superbly snacks ingredients; The flesh can be cured with brine and eaten or pressed to yield olive oil. The olive seeds can be prepared as a dish or as a prized ingredient for dim sum, olive kernels can be carved into various kinds of artistic objec.

olive kernel carving in Zengceng of Guangzhou

Olive kernel carving having been a highly prized handicraft for more than three centuries. Western Hills is made with oil Lam Wu Lam Soy is a typical local cuisine, natural pure, full of the fragrance of black rugby, moisture throat, enjoy the "mountain oysters" reputation. Whether adorned with snacks or meals, are a rare delicacy. Wu Lam Xishan little left rear causal body, also known as the "left tail." Ukraine rugby with other varieties, compared with a thin skin, flesh (accounting for more than 60% fruit), meat, grain tender, oil quality is moderate, Smell fragrant and so on.

black olives in Guangzhou

Nutrition value: Containing calcium and vitamin C, nutrition is rich, the vitamin C content is 10 times of apple, pear, peach 5 times. It is also high in calcium, and easy to be absorbed by human body. As food, it can emit the fragrance gladden the heart and refreshing the mind, the whole plate of food such as black colorful ornament.

Methods of food: The raw mango into 60~65 degrees Celsius hot water, soak 10-15minutes to bake, its tender, drain the water, peel the black jacket can be immediately edible, can be properly with fine white sugar or pepper. If you want to make Rugby angle, using the line divided it in half, in rugby angle into salt pickled. If you put it to nuclear Chung rotten made massive or tune into a paste, is called olive cake and olive sauce.

Tips: olive with warm water to soak, not boiled. Time to market is approximately in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the proposal can go to Zengceng for a Bike trip, pick and taste.