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"Janvi Tours" is not an ordinary Guangzhou tour. We want everyone to experience the city from a local perspective, with one goal in mind: to show our guests the real Guangzhou (Canton). "Janvi Tours" was established by Janvi back in 2012 and since then, thousands of participants from all over the world had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the local culture and cuisine of Guangzhou with us.

Janvi Tours - Tours with Guangzhou Private Tour GuideAs its name implies, "off the beaten path" means a different approach. We do suggest travelers visit the city's usual tourist attractions by themselves. Places like the Museum of the Nanyue King's Tomb, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Huangpu Military Academy, ... provide multilingual audioguides that will point out artworks or specific exhibits to the untrained eye. Places like Baiyun Mountain, Chen Clan Academy, Canton Tower, Pearl River Night Cruise, Chimelong Paradise, ... are easily accessible by public transport. Visitors from most countries will be able to register for a Didi account with their mobile number. This "Immediate Ride-Hailing Service App" will help you to commute in the city at a local price. You don't need a guide to take you to the tourist destinations, those aren't the places where the visitor will find anything much of the true nature of the city and its people. We hope that travelers want to witness local neighborhoods where they can feel what lives in a city.

At the core of our tours' values, we believe that traveling involves getting to know a country for what it is. As such, beyond the usual tourist attractions, we hope our guests can experience the real Guangzhou and see this interesting city through the eyes of a local. As we walk through the streets and alleys of Guangzhou, we help you to make sense of what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. We want you to discover and immerse yourself in the lives of the Cantonese. We highlight local cultures, introduce you to delicacies that locals adore, as well as share with you interesting stories and historical characters of Guangzhou!

During your Guangzhou Private Tour, we steer you towards local neighborhoods, areas where the Cantonese actually work and live. We introduce you to our favorite markets, alleys and food streets. We skip the “checklist” attractions (which are easy to find and access and we're sure you have already) and take a few sharp turns to experience the unexpected Guangzhou: outdoor markets, vendors of strange and wonderful dried seafood and herbs, the corner housewares and hardware shops, a Chinese temple that's still doing ceremonies for the neighbors, ... We veer off the main streets through back alleys and down cobblestone steps, enjoying the last bits of old downtown Guangzhou that haven't been hit by the wrecking ball yet.

We will take you to explore the old Guangzhou (Canton) only known by locals and where the food cost is low –what travel agencies omit to tell you. Showing you the historic as well as the modern Guangzhou, you will dive deep into the daily life of this amazing city. We look forward to serving you!