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Discover Guangzhou Self Guided Book is written by Janvi Tours, formerly Guangzhou Private Tour Guide Janvi or Guangzhou Tour Guide Janvi

Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Before Start Your Trip

When to go

The high rainfall period of Guangzhou is during May and June. The best time to visit Guangzhou is in spring and autumn, when is cool and with the most comfortable temperature within the year. Since there will be drizzles from time to time in spring, autumn especially late September to early December is recommended as the best time to visit Guangzhou. Check out below to have some information on each season:

Spring in Guangzhou, which lasts from late February to mid May, sees many humid, misty, and cloudy days. Spring is a rainy season, while the high rainfall period is during May and June. You’d better take your sweater and light clothes at this season.

Guangzhou’s summer, April to September, is relatively long, with the hottest temperature in July and August. There will be occasional typhoons and frequent afternoon thunderstorms, so it is strongly recommended to be prepared for the rain. Water sport like Chimelong Water Park travel is the first choice at this season. You can not only get relief from the summer heat, but also enjoy the fun and excitement of the water activities.

There is a 'Thunderstorms Season' in Guangzhou usually from 4th March until 12th October, lasting for a total of 223 days every year. Thunderstorms happen more from May to August, occurring over 10 days of a month. Especially in August, there will be thunderstorms every two days. So avoid traveling to Guangzhou at this period of time.

Autumn days in Guangzhou, October to November, are mainly sunny and cool. This is the best time for traveling in Guangzhou. To visit Guangzhou in autumn, you just have to bring light clothing such as long-sleeved shirts or T-shirts, plus one or two thin coats and sweaters.

Guangzhou has a short winter from December to January. It is a little chilly but with a little frost and snow, and sweaters and thick jackets are enough for this season. Quite different from the North China, Guangzhou becomes a sea of flowers. It is an excellent time for the flower-lovers to visit.

Best time to visit Guangzhou: It is best to avoid peak seasons, as it becomes difficult to avail of accommodation and transportation. Since summer season is the peak tourist season, travelers should avoid visiting Guangzhou during this time. If you choose to visit Guangzhou during summer, make sure that you have made your reservations well in advance. The largest trade fair of China – Canton Fair – is held twice a year, separately lies in the Weeks from Mid-April to Early May and Mid-October to Early November. For sightseeing tourists, it is better to book hotel in advance or even avoid this period to travel to Guangzhou since the high hotel rate and the urgent hotel room supplement. Avoid visiting Guangzhou during Chinese New Year ((late February-early March). Most of the Chinese places close down during this time. The Chinese people travel during this time and getting reservations become difficult. Late spring is the best time to visit Guangzhou. But the fact is that it all depends on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, your personal interests and, another time of year may suit you better.

What to Pack

Print your documents with Chinese fonts: I suggest before travelling to print all related papers of hotel reservations with your hotel address, phone numbers etc including the Chinese fonts. This will help with communication and avoid misunderstanding.

Luggage and bags: You have to have extra bag because GZ is a paradise for shopping and youi can find easily lot fake things but in acceptable qualities and off course cheap price.

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: For summer time in GZ (May to July), wearing jeans will be a torture. Most likely it'll be soaked with sweat and you'll faint from heatstroke. Wear light. Clothes are cheap and most is for the the climate of China, but their sizes are very, SMALL, so bring your own shorts, etc., unless you are tiny. You Can choose to wear sandals or any open toes shoes. Be sure to bring rain gear from June to August. For ladies, one thing for sure, an umbrella is a must bring item.Under 36 degrees hot sun and cloudless sky, the umbrella is a godsend.

Photo Equipment: Tough to buy a camera here cause Mostly 220V unless the voltage in your country is same as here. Beware of brand batteries in China because they can leak! Be sure to remove them after your trip. Better yet, bring your own rechargeable NiMh and save money since these batteries last longer than many alkalines and you'll always have some on hand. Be sure the charger you use can handle both 120vac and 240vac. Note that no adapter is needed for using USA "two prong" plugs in China outlets. The grounded "Three prong" outlets will need an adapter unless you decide to snip off that 3rd prong. An adapter will be needed for both 2 & 3 prong plugs in Hong Kong because their outlets are different than those in China. Also an adapter will be needed for any HK 220-240 vac plug to be used in China (or China plug used in HK) even though they are both the same voltage 220-240 vac because they are very different.

Miscellaneous: Sun glasses, sun hat, and small bag which carry the important thing like passport, some tips etc. Buy a GSM local sim chip.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies: May be some basic medicine can be carry with you.What you don't have you can buy locally.