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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Tourist Traps in Guangzhou

Beauty Swindle

On summer days, you may see some sales standing in the street, encouraging you to try their “free” beauty products by giving you a little fan as a present. Please be aware this may be a trap when you follow one of the sales to experience the beauty treatments. As they claim to help checking your account balance by inserting your card into the post machine, a hundred Yuan maybe taken out from your account. Some of those beauty salons may even force you to buy their products before you can leave. If you come across one of these sales, please ignore and be careful when using your credit card! Have a safe trip in Guangzhou.

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'Assembled' out of recycling dead oyster shell oyster meat

assembled oyster in Guangzhou

More than 5,000 kilograms of oysters are consumed in Guangzhou a day, Guangzhou-based Yangcheng Evening News reported. Oysters and beer are brand dishes for many restaurants in the southern metropolis where all types of seafood are part of the diet. Oysters, can be said to be welcomed by the majority of diners, but oysters are always mixed with a large number of flavors of garlic cooked together, the enemy is fresh, it also gives a lot of bad business to profit space.

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Street venders sell power bank internal loading sand

Guangzhou power bank internal loading sand

The growth of the pocket power bank barbaric outbreak along the way to railway station, RMB¥30~¥40 selling ten thousand mA level the Super phenomenon uncommon, to using secondary demolition electromechanical core is no longer a secret, most of them are built fake iron posts or only the shell without batteries, and so on. Now there are built-in sand, Guangzhou Daily reported mobile power only has one genuine lithium battery mounted on both sides of the other nine are sandbag.

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Taxi Scams in Guangzhou

guangzhou taxi

Know the taxi fares in Guangzhou: The taxi fare is RMB¥12 flag-drop for the first 2.5 km, RMB¥2.6 per each km beyond 2.5 km. No fuel surcharge is added. There is no extra cost for mid-night drive. The taxis in Guangzhou have 7 colors: red, yellow, blue, gree, silver…Different colors mean different companies, many people recommend using the yellow taxis as that company only employs local Guangzhou drivers who know the city well.

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