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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Main Attractions Shawan Ancient Town

Shawan Ancient Town

Guangzhou Shawan Ancient Town

Shawan Ancient Town was established in the Song Dynasty. During its more than 800 years of development, with the formation and retention of its unique south of the Five Ridges culture, it has got the honour of China Historical and Cultural Town & Hometown of Chinese FolkArt-Piaose Town, Canton Music Town, etc.

Walking in Shawan Ancient Town scenic spots, you can see the historical footprint of the ancient town development. The layout for the ancient villages of Stone Steps & Stone Alley has been well preserved. In the town, the ancestral hall & ancient house are well-proportioned with its architrave and cornice skillfully decorated. There are ten distinct theme pavilions launched in the core area of the ancient town, including Shawan The He's Ancestral Temple (Liu Geng Tang), Canton Music Museum (San Ren Ting). He Binglin Memorial Hall (Yan Qing Tang) and so on, which vividly and incisively show out Shawan traditional culture, such as ancestral temple culture, clan culture, architectural culture, farming culture, folk literature & art, etc. It fully presents the charm and the deep historical & cultural heritage of Shawan ancient town.

Shawan Ancient Town is especially famous for the architectural sculpture art, Canton music, Piaose, Dragon and Lion dance, private cuisine. As for Guangdong music, there are over a hundred songs especially Dragon Boats Fighting for Championship, The Rain Falling on the Bananas, The Hungry Horse Shaking the Bells and so on. , composed by The He's Three Talents being famous all over the world. Meanwhile, Shawan Piaose Parade (literally floating color, a traditional folk art activity in Shawan town) is impressive with its delicacy, ingeniousness and sharp colors, which is also a miracle among the traditional folk arts.

The traditional private cuisines in Shawan are very attractive and delicious, like Chicken stuffed with bean sprouts, He Liu Tang fried shrimp, He Liu Tang fried beef, Shawan braised goose with mint leaves, Braised goose with salted black bean and pepper, Water chestnut rice porridge, Shawan steamed chicken with soy sauce, Milk feast. Shawan Ginger Milk has enjoyed a good reputation and kept prosperity for a long time among Guangdong, Hongkong, and Macao.

The tourism organization in Shawan ancient town has launched attentive services on cuisines, lodging, and entertainment for visitors. In the ancient cultural lanes, it can indulge visitors listening to the Cantonese lyrics, drinking tea and chatting, experiencing the delighted life like the ancestors, as well as tasting Shawan unique and delicious cuisine, which fully provides visitors an intense impact of modern civilization and traditional culture.