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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide 72-hour Visa-free Transit Baiyun Airport Express Shuttle to Other Cities Guide

Baiyun Airport Express Shuttle to Other Cities Guide

How to travel from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to other cities in the Guangdong Province? Baiyun Airport Express shuttle bus provides destinations to other cities in and out of Guangdong Province, including Shenzhen, Foshan, Shude, Dongguang, Zhongshan, Qingyuan, Taishan, Yunfu, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, Heyuan, Yangjiang, etc. We also provide Guangzhou airport transfer service and deliver you to your destination quickly, safely and stress-free!

Where are the Airport Express ticket counters at Baiyun airport?

Terminal 1 (Airport South): Arrival Hall Gate A10 ~ A12 and Gate B10;
Terminal 2 (Airport South): GTC East Passenger Transport Center;

Routes of Guangzhou Airport Express Intercity Lines

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Yunfu and Heyuan.

Baiyun Airport ↔ Shenzhen

Service time: 9:30 ~ 21:40;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Bao'an (Bao'an Passenger Transportation Center) → Yinhu (Yinhu Building, Shangbu North Road);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Zhuhai

Service time: 8:00 ~ 23:30;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Tang Jia Wan Town (1088 Gangwan Avenue) → Xiangzhou District (299, Meihua East Road) → Gongbei District (Yongtong Hotel at Gongbei Bus Terminal);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Huizhou

Service time: 8:10 ~ 22:00;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Boluo County (Taizile Grand Hotel) → Huizhou (13, 2nd Wenming Road);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Zhaoqing

Service time: 8:20 ~ 21:50;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Zhaoqing (Behind Grand Stage of Seven-Star-Cave Archway Square);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Qingyuan

Service time: 8:00 ~ 22:00;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Qingyuan (Holyton International Hotel);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Yunfu

Service time: 10:10 ~ 22:00;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Xinxing County (Kaixin Travel Agency. No 25, Xianghe Street) → Yunfu (Darise Hotel at Dongfang Times Square);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Heyuan

Service time: 9:30 ~ 21:30;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Victory International Hotel (43 Jianshe Avenue) → Heyuan (DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, No. 123, Yuewang Avenue);


From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Conghua and Zengcheng

Baiyun Airport ↔ Conghua, Guangzhou

Service time: 7:20 ~ 19:50;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Conghua District (156 Huanshi Road East);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Zengcheng, Guangzhou

Service time: 7:00 ~ 20:10;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Zengcheng District (14 Zengcheng Avenue);


From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Zhongshan

Baiyun Airport ↔ Zhongshan

Service time: 8:20 ~ 23:40;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Yifeng  International Plaza (6 Cuifeng Road, Xiqu Sub-district);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Guzhen town, Zhongshan

Service time: 10:00 ~ 20:30;
Route: Baiyun Airport → North Gate of New Oriental Hotel (1 Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Xiaolan town, Zhongshan

Service time: 9:30 ~ 20:00;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Dongsheng Town (Wanggao Hotel) → Xiaolan Town (Longshan Plaza);


From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Dongguan

Baiyun Airport ↔ Wanjiang town, Doangguan

Service time: 7:40 ~ 19:10;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Wang Niu Dun Town (Fuying Hotel) → Wanjiang Town (Huanan Mall);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Nancheng, Doangguan

Service time: 7:10 ~ 00:03;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Nancheng (Hongcheng Hardware Wholesale Market);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Dalang, Doangguan

Service time: 8:10 ~ 21:10;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Dongcheng Sub-district (Liuhua Park) → Dalang Town (539 Jinlang Road South);


From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Foshan

Baiyun Airport ↔ Foshan

Service time: 7:40 ~ 01:20;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Lanshi International Metal Trading Center (1 Kuiqi Road, Chancheng District.);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Shunde, Foshan

Service time: 7:30 ~ 01:10;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Chencun Town (New Grand Hyatt International Hotel) → Shunde District (Wenxiu Road, Da Liang District);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Longshan, Foshan

Service time: 7:30 ~ 22:10;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Longshan (2 Shunfan Road, Shunde District);

Baiyun Airport ↔ Guicheng, Foshan

Service time: 7:50 ~ 23:40;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Dali Town (Dali Bus Terminal) → Guicheng (G2 Poly Commercial Water City);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Xiqiao, Foshan

Service time: 7:20 ~ 20:30;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Danzao Town (10, Guidan Road West) →  Shishan Town (55, Boai Middle Road) → Xiqiao Town(189, Qiaojin Road);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Gaoming, Foshan

Service time: 8:00 ~ 22:00;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Shishan Town (Jiayi International Hotel) → Gaoming Town (Hengwei Grand Hotel);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden

Service time: 8:50 ~ 19:00;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Shishan Town (Jiayi International Hotel) → Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden (Fontainebleau Hotel);


From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Jiangmen

Baiyun Airport ↔ Jiangmen

Service time: 8:30 ~ 22:40;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Jiangmen (Haoyi Hotel);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Taishan

Service time: 7:50 ~ 23:40;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Siqian Town (Shiming entrance and exit of expressway, Shiming Avenue) → Taishan (No. 152, Shunde Road. Junhua Xiyuetai Sales Center);

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Yangjiang

Baiyun Airport ↔ Yangjiang

Service time: 8:40 ~ 21:40;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Zhishan Town (Shop No. 13-5 of Asia Kitchen & Bathroom Wholesale Market) → Enping (Teng’an Service Area at Shengtang entrance/exit of expressway) → Yangjiang (Yangjiang Passenger Terminal);


Baiyun Airport ↔ Yangchun

Service time: 9:50 ~ 15:20;
Route: Baiyun Airport → Chunwan Town (1 Renmin Road Middle) → Heshui Town (Jinxing Avenue) → Yangchun (29 Chuncheng Nanxin Avenue);