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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Ginger Vinegar with Pig Trotters and Eggs

ginger vinegar with pig trotters and eggs

This traditional Chinese dish conveys a mystical message even in Chinese community, Chinese ginger vinegar (geung chou) is very good for your health.  It supposedly helps your body to warm itself and expel  “wind” from your body.  According to Chinese medicine, excess  “wind” inside your body can cause all sorts of ailments including joint pain, arthritis, headaches, etc.  This is traditionally made for women who have just given birth and is shared with friends and visitors in celebration of the arrival of the baby. However, it can be enjoyed by anyone, at any time of the year. Everyone makes this dish slightly differently, but the steps are simple and most of the time is spent resting the ginger and vinegar.

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Where to Eat Best Chickens in Guangzhou?

guangzhou chickens

Chicken is a "must-eat" in Cantonese restaurants. The variety of styles is impressive. Here's sample of best-known dishes, as well as where they're done best.

Wenji Yixin (Single-hearted) Chicken – (formerly known as Qingping Chicken)

Qingping Chicken was the signature dish of the Qingping Restaurant in Guangzhou's historic western downtown area, ranked in the top 10 provincial chicken dishes in 1993. Qingping Chicken is cooked in seasoned brine, which gives lively flavors to the skin, meat and even the bones.

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Herbal tea

Guangzhou Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea-Drinking is a longtime habit for Guangzhou people.

Herbal tea can eliminate summer heat from the human body and cure the sore throats caused by winter dryness. Wang Laoji Herbal Tea is the most famous tea in Guangzhou. Drinking herbal tea is a long cherished tradition in Lingnan, which covers Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Taiwan provinces, with Guangdong as its core area. The tradition has been a major component of Lingnan culture. Others include Cantonese opera, Cantonese cuisine and Cantonese dialect. The popularity of herbal tea might largely be attributed to the warm and humid climate of the Lingnan area, which is thought to be the cause of the body's internal heat according to traditional Chinese medical thought.. Local people learn which kind of tea to drink for which condition from childhood.

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