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Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

Guangzhou is known to be a miniature of China with a long history and prosperous economy. It not only has much cultural heritage but also has modem shopping streets. Beijing Road is one of the most famous hopping streets in Guangzhou. You can buy anything you like in the streel. Before you begin to shop here. let me give you a brief introduction.

Beijing Road was the central axis of ancient Guangzhou City and the most prosperous commercial distributing center in the city. ks past was very brilliant and now it also presents a prosperous scene. It is the most bustling pedestrian mall in Guangzhou, covering Zhongshan 4th Road, Zhongshan 5th Road, Xihu Road, the Yushan Market nearby and commercial points around. Yuehua Road to the north of the pedestrian mall was once the downtown of Guangzhou from the Nanyue Kingdom Period of the Western Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Beijing Road was also the main street in Guangzhou in the Tang, Song, Yuan and Qing dynasties.

Beijing Road has not only modern shopping malls but also time-honoured shops of China and old and famous stores of Guangzhou. The Yushan Market is the earliest food market in Guangzhou and the Chen li ji, Tai Ping Guan and San Duo Xuan stores have more than a century history. The Xindaxin Company was one of the most famous department stores in Guangzhou in the 1940s Cantonese have witnessed the historic changes and great progress of time-honoured Stores which are popular with local people.

Stationary stores and bookstores also account for their reputation. Despite the great commercial impact, large scale bookstores like the Xinhua Bookstore and the Education Bookstore still manage to operate in Beijing Road. However. the Foreign Language Bookstore has retreated to the second floor of its original sile. Judging from the walls of the bookstores you can imagine the historical changes and the vicissitudes of the city.

The whole street is lined with many stores. From fashion to leather products to snack bars, whatever you like can be found here. Everything that you can imagine can be found there. Here you can feel how dynamic the life of the city is. Of course, these shops offer you more alternatives and you can compare the same goods in different shops to find the most appropriate one of high quality and low price. There are many goods on sale on weekends or holidays, giving you more benefits.


Tourist Information of Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

⌚ All day;
¥Free admission;
✉ Beijing Lu, Yuexiu District. (广州市越秀区北京路);

How to get there

  1. Metro Line 6 Beijing Lu station Exit B;
  2. Metro Line 1 & 2 Gonyuanqian station Exit E or D;