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Guangxiao Temple

Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple

Buddhism was a major belief in ancient times in Guangzhou, and there are many Buddhist temples in the city. Nowadays, there are still many people in Guangzhou who consider Buddhism as their religious belief, You will now visit two famous temples —Guangxiao Temple and Liurong Temple. They will show you more about Buddhism and the history of Guangzhou people.

As one of the oldest temples in Guangzhou, Guangxiao Temple is also calledGuangta Temple. Located on Guangxiao Road, it was the mansion of Prince Zhao jiande of the Nanyue Kingdom during the Western, HanDynasty (206 BC-24 AD ). The temple was first built by an Indian monk during the Eastern jin Dynasty (317-420AD) to introduce the doctrine of Buddhism. At the beginning of the TangDynasty, it was called Faxinglao Temple, while at the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty, it was known as Bao'en Guangxiao Temple. Finally, the name was fixed as Bao'en GuangxiaoTemple ( Guangxiao Temple for short) and now has a history of over 850 years. The present temple, occupying an area of 31, 000 square meters, was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Among the most charming temples in Guangzhou, Guangxiao Temple has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A gilded wooden Laughing Buddha sits at the entrance, and a huge bronze incense burner, wreathed in joss-stick smoke, stands in the main courtyard. There is a small brick pagoda that is said to contain the tonsured hair of Huineng. In .thetemple, the Sixth Ancestor Hall was built in memory of Huineng, the sixth master of the Chan Sect of Buddhism, who was also the most influential monk in the history of Chinese Buddhism. Other ancient structures in the temple include the Sakyamuni Hall, the King of Heaven Hall, and two-iron towers.

Tourist Information of Guangxiao Temple

⌚ 07:00~17:00;
¥5 Yuan;
✉ 109 Guangxiao Road, Yuexiu District. (广州市越秀区光孝路109号);

How to get there

  1. Metro Line 1 & 2 Gongyuanqian station I2;
  2. Take the bus No.104 get off at Zhongshan 6th Road;

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