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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Festivals and Events Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

Guangzhou dragon boat racing

Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 duān-wǔ-jié) on fifth day of fifth lunar month, usually in May or June. It is one of the most important Chinese festivals, the other two being the Mid-autumn Festival and Chinese New Year. This festival commemorates the sacrifice of Qu Yuan (屈原), a famous poet who drowned himself in the river by way of making a statement against government corruption during the Warring States Period. The highlights are dragon boat racing along the Pearl River, and eating rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves (粽子).

There are two kinds of dragon boat events. One is a Dragon Boat Race, a simple competition between ornate boats. The other is the viewing of Dragon Boats. It is an entertaining event intending to promote friendship between villages. Every year each village sends its own dragon boat to visit other villages in order to have a friendly cultural exchange.

Guangzhou rice dumplings

A very popular dish during the Dragon Boat festival is tzung tzu. This tasty dish consists of rice dumplings with meat, peanut, egg yolk, or other fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. The tradition of tzung tzu is meant to remind us of the village fishermen scattering rice across the water of the Mi Low river in order to appease the river dragons so that they would not devour Chu Yuan.

Event: Dragon boat racing, It is hold on the fifth day of the fifth month according to Chinese Lunar Calendar, normaly along the Pearl River, between Guangzhou Bridge and Haiying Bridge. It usually starts at afternoon, get to the shore side more early and pick a good position.


When and where to look for the races
(information from internet)


June 9

9:00-11:00 Xiaozhou Village 小洲村 登瀛古码头
Buses No. 45, 252

Luntoucun village, Haizhu district 海珠区 仑头村
Bus No.801

June 10

10:30-13:00 Lijiang, Shilou county, Panyu district 番禺区 石楼镇 砺江
Buses 番 No. 92, 93, 131 Lijiang Bridge station (砺江桥站)

9:00 Tangxia village, Tianhe district 天河区 棠下村 棠下涌
Metro line 3 Gangding station (岗顶), BRT buses (棠下村站)

10:00 chepi village, Tianhe district 天河区 车陂村 车陂涌
Metro line 4/5 Chepi Nan station (车陂南站)

June 11

14:00 Datang village, Haizhu district  海珠区大塘村华洲路石榴岗
Buses No. 45, 252, 270 Shiliugang station 石榴岗(华洲路)站

12:00 Dexing Bridge, Panyu district 番禺区 德兴桥
Metro line 3 Panyu Square Exit D and transfer to buses 番 No. 11, 6 to Shaxu Village station (沙墟村站)

June 12

9:00 Yangji village, Yuexiu district  越秀区杨箕村 临江大道广州大桥脚东边
Metro line 5 Wuyang cun station (五羊邨站) Exit B, Buses to Wuyang Xincun station (五羊新村)

9:00 Shiyou village, Yuexiu district 越秀区 寺右村 临江大道广州大桥脚西边
Metro line 5 Wuyang cun station (五羊邨站) Exit A, Buses 183, 222, 225, 40, 44, 484, 811 to Zhujiang Hotel station (珠江宾馆)

Liede village, Tianhe district 天河区 猎德涌
Metro line 5 Liede or Zhujiang New Town station, Buses to Liede station (猎德)

9:00-15:00 Shipai village, Tianhe district 天河区石牌村 海安路 丽江花园附近
Buses to Shipai village (石牌村)

Shiqiao River, Panyu district 番禺区 市桥河
Metro line 3 Panyu Square (番禺广场), transfer to temporary shuttle bus

June 12 - 16

Lizhiwan 荔枝湾

Metro line 5 Zhongshan 8 Lu station, Buses to Pantang station (泮塘) or Zhongshan 8 Lu station (中山八路)