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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide 72-hour Visa-free Transit Transport From Guangzhou Airport to Downtown Guide

Transport From Guangzhou Airport to Downtown Guide

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Transport to Downtown at Late Night

How to travel from Guangzhou Airport to downtown? With an increasing number of international flights via China Southern, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport has become a popular hub for travelers exploring Southern China. Before 2010, travelers needed to rely on the Airport Express Shuttle network for their Guangzhou Airport transport, now the airport has been connected with the metro. We offer you serval options for the daytime and late at night transport from Guangzhou airport to downtown.

Option 1: Airport Express Shuttle Bus

11 Airport Shuttle Bus routes take you to different corners in Guangzhou. The journey usually takes about 1 hour to the city center. Take a look at Airport Express Shuttle Bus City Lines to have a clear idea about your destination beforehand. Information changes from time to time, please inquire about the information with the staff at the airport upon arrival. If arriving late at night, after 11 pm, seven Airport Shuttle Bus routes can take you to the city.

Route 1 (05:20 till the last flight): Baiyun Airport → North Gate of Former Airport → BianjianZhan → HNA Hotel Central Guangzhou → Guangzhou Railway Station;

Route 2A (08:00 till the last flight): Baiyun Airport → The Garden Hotel → Holiday Inn → Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre;

Route 2B (07:00 ~ 01:00): Baiyun Airport → The Garden Hotel → Huashi Hotel;

Route 5 (06:45 till the last flight): Baiyun Airport → Suijing Building → Dongfang Hotel → Haizhu Square → Gangrun Hotel;

Route 6A (07:00 till the last flight): Baiyun Airport → CITIC Plaza → Grandview Mall;

Route 7A (07:25 ~ 02:05): Baiyun Airport → YongCheng Hotel → Panyu Hotel;

Route 10 (07:15 ~ 01:05): Baiyun Airport → Pazhou Segmen Hotel → Regal Rivera Hotel → New Pearl River Hotel → Guangzhou Textile Trading Market;

Option 2: Guangzhou Metro (Operate till 11:15 pm)

Metro would be the best and the easiest way to get from Guangzhou airport to the downtown area. Metro Link 3 links Baiyun airport to the city center. Although the first metro line of Guangzhou was only opened in 1997, the city now has 16 lines and 10 more lines are under construction. Stations are regularly added, occasionally move, and sometimes change names, so maps are often out of date. Explore Guangzhou has interactive maps of the metro network as well as a Metropedia, which lists businesses and places of interest close to every station. It can be crowded in rush hours especially in Line 3. The last train service from airport will extend till 11:15 pm. Trains only stop at Guangzhou East Railway Station and Tiyu Xilu after 11:00 pm.

Option 3: Taxi (Operate till the end of flight)

If you have a lot of luggage and your destination isn't close to the metro station and Airport Express shuttle stop, taxi is the most convenient choice to get from the Guangzhou airport to downtown. Look for the taxi pack-up point to get your taxi. The journey takes from 40 minutes to 60 minutes, depends on the traffic on the day. Beware of taxi drivers as sometimes, in addition to going around the block one too many times, they will also try to pass counterfeit bills. Pay close attention as to what they pay when passing toll booths. Learn more about Guangzhou Taxi Scams.

Baiyun Airport Taxi Pick-up Points:

Terminal 1 (Airport South): Gate A10, Gate B3 and Gate B8;
Terminal 2 (Airport North): Gate 53 and Gate 50;