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Maybe you’ve read all the Guangzhou guidebooks already, but you still feel like you’re missing the city’s heart and pulse. You want to get lost in the backstreets and jump off the bus in a neighborhood that’s not on the tourist map. Immerse yourself in the life of the real Guangzhou. We’ll help you make that little adventure happen. All tours in Guangzhou are customized to your interests. You tell me what you’d like to do, and We’ll put together a suggested plan.

Neither will you find yourself stuck in factory outlets or jewellery shops that takes precious time off your holiday in Guangzhou. We want you to truly enjoy every moment of your time spent with us. As such, you set the pace of your Guangzhou Private tour, be it the walking speed, the amount of time that we spend on any sights or taking breaks. We hope that by the time we bid farewell, you have made a new friend in Guangzhou. With Tailor-Made Tours, you are on your way to discovering Guangzhou.

Tailor-made Tour Highlights

★ Flexible itinerary;
★ Get to know the real Guangzhou by exploring areas off the beaten path;
★ Mix and match areas of focus from food, history, urban design, modern facade, culture and tradition.

Tailor-made Tour Price

We can arranges tailor-made tours on foot, by car, by minibus and by bike. Prices depends on your itinerary and many factors. Write us your requirements and we will send you a fully customized itinerary.