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Guangzhou Layover Tours

Are you going to have an 14-21 hour layover in Guangzhou? How do you plan to kill your flight layover time? Have some coffee at the airport lounge and spend it holed up at the airport? Or hop off the plane and run into town, and arrange a quick day tour of the "must see" sights? Whether it is that you only have a few hours in between journeys or that you just want the safety and comfort of a Guangzhou Private Layover Tour after a flight journey, we can help.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Layover or Airport Transit is the best activity for you to choose from if you have plenty of transit hours in Guangzhou. Apart from morning tea and Canton tower, we offer wide range of Guangzhou airport layover tour which enables you to choose the best Guangzhou attractions that you wish to visit.

1) How long do you really have for your layover?
You have to account for the time it takes to get off the plane and then get back to the airport an hour or two (depending on the flight) before the next flight takes off. It's an international layover, it could take longer due to passport control and customs, let's say least 40 minutes ~ 80 minutes to get off the first flight and through the airport. To be safe, you should be back at the airport 1.5 hours before your second flight takes off. Baiyun International airport is located a far distance from the city itself, so you have to calculate how long it will take to get in and out. It usually takes 1 hour between airport and downtown by metro. If you're only left with 2 hours, it probably isn't worth the hassle or expense to go into the city. But if you have several hours, a quick jaunt into the city could be fun.

2) How much can you see during your layover?
Truthfully, you probably can't see a lot on your long layover. The longer the layover, the more you can do. Try to estimate how much time you need for any activity on your wish list, and realize you might not get to everything. Also think about the timing of your layover. If your first flight lands late at night and the second one leaves early in the morning, there isn't much you can do during your layover. Wandering the streets of an unfamiliar place at 3 am isn't really the best idea.

If you have more than 20-hour overnight layover or a stop to change planes that runs overnight, with the connecting flight the next afternoon, we highly recommend you to book a hotel or hostel by yourself near Beijing Lu Metro Station to help make the next morning of your tour easier and efficient; We are not able to provide any pick up and drop off service if your layover period is less than 10 hours, you might risk to be denied access to the city if your flight get delays, we are not recommend to book a tour with us in the short window of time you have, if you insist on giving it a try, please meet us at the Beijing Lu Metro Station on your own.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 72 hour transit visa lanes

On arrival into Guangzhou, look for the 72-hour Transit Visa lanes at passport control. Advise the immigration official that you are transiting China for a short period before heading to your next destination, and produce a copy of your confirmed airline reservation clearly showing an onward flight within 72 hours of your arrival. ‘visa-free’ travelers are allowed to roam within the province of Guangdong. To learn more the 72-hour Transit Visa Exemption Policy, please visit here.

Since the airport is about 35 km away from the downtown, we are not able to get up in the early morning and be there at 7 am or 8 am. If your flight arrives in the early morning at 5 am or 6 am with around 14~17 hours in Guangzhou, you are advised to get some rest in the free hotel provided by the China Southern Airline, and we can start the tour at around 10 am or 11 am. Base on our experience, the tour would be more enjoyable for you in this way.

We aware of how important your time is while on transit, you might be a bit tired or even jet lagged depending on where you flew in from, you may have a few baggage as well. In order to make the tour more efficient, we usually provide a private car and driver goes along with the downtown tour; In the case of having countryside tour, tour guide may also play the role of driver. Tour also can be conducted via public transport and walking, you are welcome to decide which option is preferable according to your budget. Please advise your inbound flight and outbound flight information, number of participants when you consult with us on your layover tour. The price of your layover tour depends on timing, the demand of airport pick-up or drop off, the areas that you wish to cover as well as your group size. Only a small deposit is needed, the remaining amount will be paid in person on the day of your private layover tour.

Please make plans more than 4 days in advance, we DO NOT accept the last minute booking.