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Rural Hakka E-Scooter Tour with Local Family Visit

Come and experience the Hakka countryside on an electric scooter with us! This is a completely environment-friendly way to explore the countryside.

This is a scenic route. You'll go through woods where you might hear birds tweeting. The fresh air, the green water of the river and the magnificent special lane that follows the river on both side so that we can make perfect bike round trip along this green area covered by extensive bamboo forest.

You can see farms and orchards. You might find lychees or longans to pick up. If you go there when the fruit is ripe (June & July), you can also enjoy a lot of lychees. This area near Guangzhou is well known for its lychee groves. There are several varieties of lychee fruit produced there. This nutritious fruit tastes like root beer when it is very ripe, and it is full of trace elements and healthy vitamins and minerals. When you eat it, you may get stronger. The various varieties look very different, and fresh lychee fruit is rare in the West.

The distance traveled is about 50 kilometers or 30 kilometers. The travel speed of about 9 mph is suitable for most people. It isn't very fast. After the first 25 km riding, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable meal of signature “Hakka Cuisine” in local family home. Enjoy the true home cooked dishes in the home of the family that you visit. It is quite a different and exciting experience. Traveling to rural is like traveling to another world. Its many famous scenic attractions will captivate you with their distinctive charms. However, it is usually not enough for a traveler only to visit these scenic spots. If there is a chance to approach the local people, talk with them and even lunch with a local family then that would add that extra something to the trip. It would be a wonderful experience to know more about the local people's life style at rural in Guangzhou.

local family visitlocal family visit

After the lunch we ride 3.6 km (1.5 km uphill) to one of the villages which in the middle of the river. In 1732, ancestors who lived in the town, due to fear of future generations learned gambling from where populations are centered, so they decided to moved to its present village. This village was due to miscanthus blooming brilliantly like a beautiful cloth belt and later because of over 2 kilometers extent of golden beaches compelling, also known as Yellow Sand Dam. you can see lots of orchards along the road in the village, such as the litchi, longan, loquat, banana, mango barricaded etc. It has mountain, river, beach, banyan, OX, Hakka traditional houses and a little girl who tends the geese, all about the element of beautiful landscape and the simplicity of folk customs. In summer, people usually riding motor bicycles to come here and swim in the river.

After village visit we ride 20 km back to the starting point. And take bus back to city center.


Tour Information

Itineraries of Bike and E-scooter

Starting time: 9:30 am;
Type of Tour: Private Tour -- Just for you and your travel mates;
Meeting point: Your hotel entryway;
Duration: 7~8 hours (3~3.5 hours round trip between downtown and countryside);
Distance: 60 km (37.3 mi) ;
Moving Time: 3 hours;
Stopped Time: 2~2.5 hours for lunch and visit around;
Difficulty Level: Easy;

Up to 3 guests: USD$260 per group; Maximum participant: 3 people;
INCLUDES: 1. Private Car; 2. Electric Scooter; 3. Lunch at local family house; 4. Hotel pick-up and drop off;
1. The price (USD) is the total amount for your group and not per-person charge;
2. Home cooked fresh Hakka cuisine for lunch only available on weekend & Chinese public holidays, other date we will have lunch at the farmer run restaurants;
3. Guide and Driver will be the same person;

Booking Process
To complete your Guangzhou Private Tour booking, a 30%~50% deposit is required via Paypal or telegraphic transfer after we set the tour date and tour duration with you. We will send you a PayPal invoice, you will have the option to use your credit cards or deposit card to complete the payment process (even if you are not a PayPal account holder). Note: A 4.7%~5.79% Paypal transaction fees will be charged on the total amount of the transaction when deposit is made by Paypal. Once payment is made, the booking of your Guangzhou Private Tour is confirmed. The remaining balance is payable in cash only on tour day with us, you can pay in either U.S. Dollar or Chinese Yuan, whatever is convenient for you. We prefer U.S. Dollars without any damage and stain, otherwise please provide Chinese Yuan.

We can provide you a receipt for the payment of the tour for your tax records or expense reimbursement, please let us know in advance if receipt is needed.