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Home Informations Wholesale Markets Huadu Shiling Leather Products Center

Huadu Shiling Leather Products Center

Huadu Shiling Leather Products Center

Just 20 km north of downtown Guangzhou, Huadu district serves as a bridge and transportation hub linking the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and other mainland provinces.

It is also the somewhat anonymous district in which the prosperous but little-known town of Shiling is building up into becoming the centre for leather goods and materials to serve the entire country. Not for nothing are people beginning to call Shiling China’s leather capital. Today, Guangdong’s leather trade makes up half of the national total. Leather goods from Shiling play a leading role in the Guangzhou market, which in turn accounts for 60% of the Guangdong market. With an annual output value exceeding Rmb4.7 billion (HK$4.4 billion), leather goods from Shiling are sold to 25 mainland provinces, cities and autonomous regions as well as Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. It attracts an estimated 500,000 buyers from all over the world every year, including Hong Kong, Korea, Italy and Spain. Different types of transaction are accepted such as wholesale, direct sales and cash-on-delivery. Several domestic banks operating in Shiling offer the necessary services and support. Many well know Chinese brands have their representation here, such as Fansite, Liannu, Beijixiong, Ludasi, Pingguo Wangzi, Jixiang and Feilong. Some famous foreign brands have also set up their offices in this market.


Address:No.71~74,He He Rd, Shiling, Hua Du District, Guangzhou

Chinese Address: 花都区狮岭镇岭南工业区合和路71-74号 花都狮岭皮革皮具城