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Home Informations Wholesale Markets Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Market

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Market

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Market

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Market is the biggest and most specialized Underwear wholesale Market, up to 1380 shops ,brands of underwear are more than 1000. Wholesale/Foreign Trade: Brassiere, underpants, nightwear, socks, all-in-one, swimsuit and so on.

Established on the 20td October, Wufu underwear wholesele market, with the total area of 38,000 square meter, 1380 shops, international exhibition hall 680 square meter, and international meeting hall 680 square meter, is the biggest professional underwear wholesale market.

At prsent,Wufu underwear wholesale market include 1000 underwear famous brands. Wufu underear wholesale market,global underwear merchidising center,colse to world trade. After you come to Wufu market,you will able to know what the best underwear market is. The best underwear merchandisewufu underwear markt expect for your coming!


Address: No.499 Sanyuanli Road, Guangzhou

Chinese Address: 广州市三元里大道499号 伍福内衣城