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Home Informations Wholesale Markets Gaodi Street -Household Merchandise Street

Gaodi Street -Household Merchandise Street

Gaodi Street -Household Merchandise Street

Since 1980, Gaodi Street had developed to be the underwear, swimwear& apparel wholesale street in Guangzhou. Nowadays,  Gaodi Street is one of  the most famous underwear business district in our country.

“Gaodi Street Shopping Center” overlooks the Pearl River in the south and is adjacent to guangzhou merchandise building, Xindaxin Company, and famous dress shops on xihu road in the north, within walk of beijing road shops, guangdong provincial foreign trade center, guangzhou hotel and tai kang plaza. In recent years some new residential and office buildings are constructed nearby and constitute commercial network with Gaodi Street Shopping Center.


Gaodi Street Shopping Center is only 500m away from haizhu square station of metro no.2 line, and long haizhu square goes directly to haizhu bridge and jiangnan ave.


Address: Gao Di Street, Beijing Lu Kou, Guangzhou

Chinese Address: 广州北京路口高第街 高第街服装工业街