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NanFang Building International Electronic

NanFang Building International Electronic

Located on the north bank of the Pearl River on the city’s Yanjiang Xi Lu, Guangzhou Nanfang Building was built in 1922. It was the city’s first tall building built with reinforcedconcrete.  Now the building is a hot place for electronic products.

Nan Fang Building International Electronic Market is located at the center of the most professional mobile phone, telecommunication markets in China. It is a comprehensive electronic market with a series of multi-functions including international trade, domestic trade, product display, logistic distribution, etc. Its product range covers telecommunication, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and other telecommunication products with a business area totaling about 18,000 square meters and 1,018 booths.

1st Floor: Mobile phones from name brands, cameras, MP3, maintenance equipment, phone card, pre-paid phone card, intercom, etc.

2nd and 3rd Floor: Mobile phone accessories and other electronic parts.

4th-8th Floor: Offices


Adress: No49, Yan Jiang Xi Road, Liwan District, GuangZhou

Chinese Address: 广州市荔湾区沿江西路49号‎ 南方大厦国际电子数码城