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OneLink Plaza


Onelink Plaza is the largest wholesale markets for gifts, toys, home decorations, jewerlries, accessories and so on. There are a few wholesale markets with similar products around here and therefore it attracts a lot of tourists and locals as well.

It is a 8 floor shopping mall and is popular among many foreigners for wholesale or retail buying.

Floor 1 to Floor 3, you will find all kinds of gifts, souvenirs, jewerlries and also daily necessities, phone accessories, speakers, airplane models and so on.

Floor 4 to Floor 7, there are more shops for home decorations: ceramics , paintings, lights, bedding articles ,antiques and big ornaments.

Floor 8, it is a paradise of artificial flowers and plants. And you can also purchase delicate crystal here.


Address: No.39, Jie Fang Nan Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Chinese Address: 广州市越秀区解放南路39号   万菱广场