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Guangzhou Xiguan Antiques Market

Guangzhou Antiques Market

Guangzhou Xiguan Antiques Market is located at NO.1 Liang Feng-Yuan Road. This market is the only approved relic artifacts antiques market operators in the nearby district and it’s one of the top ten antique markets in china.

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Hualin Jade Market

Hualin Jade market

Hualin Jade market is the largest jade market in Guangzhou, which covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has the vast majority of Guangzhou’s jade traders. It attracts more than 1 million merchants and tourists every year.

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Liwan Plaza

 Liwan Plaza i

Liwan Plaza is a major jewellry market in Guangzhou. There are 2 000 stores in this huge plaza, on seven floors. You will find all kinds of jewellry, stone, shells, corals, semi-precious stone, silver, jade, zirkonia, zirkon, crystal, leather straps, plastic straps, fittings and packaging.

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Yi Sen Leather Market

Yi Sen leather market

Yi Sen leather market is located in the center of Zi Yuan Gang leather wholesale area. It is a large and prominent building so you won’t miss it. It has over 300 shops and a leather goods exhibition hall.

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