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Home Informations Tourist Traps in Guangzhou 'Assembled' out of recycling dead oyster shell oyster meat

'Assembled' out of recycling dead oyster shell oyster meat

assembled oyster in Guangzhou

More than 5,000 kilograms of oysters are consumed in Guangzhou a day, Guangzhou-based Yangcheng Evening News reported. Oysters and beer are brand dishes for many restaurants in the southern metropolis where all types of seafood are part of the diet. Oysters, can be said to be welcomed by the majority of diners, but oysters are always mixed with a large number of flavors of garlic cooked together, the enemy is fresh, it also gives a lot of bad business to profit space.

A reporter survey found that some stall owners even buy dead oyster, oyster shell recycling, to assemble their own oysters be sold! ! Consumer eating oysters at barbecue stalls in Guangzhou, people have acute gastroenteritis, 'when the oyster meat and oyster shells are not linked, it is easily able to clip out.' (Similar to the acquaintance of experience)

In the stalls scene, oysters are kept in such a foam box inside, all is half-open.

assembled oyster in Guangzhou

Pool cleaning oysters, put not to be cleaned of mud oyster shells open, but, oyster meat! Also a bunch of foam box, inside the box are all oyster shell. It is understood that 'assembling oyster' profit up to 30 times!

assembled oyster in Guangzhou

Oyster meat, used oyster shells, half-opened oysters appear in the same pool, this means what? 'Just put too heavy garlic flavor will never be found.'

Also China Central Television reported that 1 kilogram of oysters sold at a Guangzhou restaurant, famous for grilled oysters, contained 2 mg of cadmium, 20 times the permitted content stipulated in a national standard drafted by the health authority. Eating too many contaminated oysters will harm people’s health.