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Street venders sell power bank internal loading sand

Guangzhou power bank internal loading sand

The growth of the pocket power bank barbaric outbreak along the way to railway station, RMB¥30~¥40 selling ten thousand mA level the Super phenomenon uncommon, to using secondary demolition electromechanical core is no longer a secret, most of them are built fake iron posts or only the shell without batteries, and so on. Now there are built-in sand, Guangzhou Daily reported mobile power only has one genuine lithium battery mounted on both sides of the other nine are sandbag.

Most cheaters seize greedy small cheap weaknesses, use low-cost tactics to open the temptation of people, amazed at such evil-minded manufacturers novel deceptive practices, but for this immoral phenomenon has not been the first time, it also will not be the last time. In this proposed you have better purchase regular manufacturers of mobile power products in a shop or electronic market, do not be cheap, so as not to be fooled!