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Home Informations Things to Do In Guangzhou

Things to Do In Guangzhou

rong hua tea house Cantonese opera

★ Indulge yourself in Rong Hua tea house listen the Cantonese opera and drinking tea with a popular dim sum around tables experience the tradition Guangzhou life style. (This is the only one left which has Cantonese opera in Guangzhou)

dragon boat race in Pearl River

★ Take part in one of the festivals in Guangzhou.

Pearl River night cruise

★ Take a night cruise along the Pearl River.

shopping in Guangzhou

★ Put aside a day to shopping in Guangzhou.

Shamian Island

★ Wander the Shamian Island for a peek at Guangzhou’s unique personality.

Cantonese snacks

★Bring an empty stomach explor the legendary Cantonese snacks.

Xiaozhou water village in Guangzhou

★ Spend half day on the last delightful Ling Nan characteristics water village of Xiaozhou, a place to savour slowly.

Xi Guan

★ Take a walk in Xi Guan and soak up the Lingnan cluture.

Changzhou Island

★ Cycle around Changzhou Island.

Chimelong International Circus

★ Go to Chimelong International Circus see the world's largest permanent circus

Xiguan old house

★ Go to Xiguan Residence see how’s the traditional houses look like in Guangzhou.

rural guangzhou

★Take time out to visit rural Guangzhou soak up Hakka culture.


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