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Cantonese Moon Cake


Having moon cake is the traditional activity in mid-autumn festival (mid-autumn day). Everywhere of China will have moon cake that day and as well as every Chinese no mater at home or abroad just like people having zongzi in dragon boat festival.

Among various moon cakes, Cantonese cake is one of the most famous styles. Cantonese moon cake is famous all over country because of its materials and refined skills. Cantonese moon cake can be divided into two categories: the salty and the sweet. Fillings for moon cake are lotus seeds, almond, shelled olive seeds, shelled peach core and sesame etc. Besides there are also stuffing of salty yolk, barbeque pork, toasted duck, winter Chinese mushroom, shrimp, pericarpium citri reticulatae, lemon leaves and so on amount to 30 materials. In recent years, there is fruit moon cake which is filled with pineapple, durian banana and so on other fruits.