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Guangzhou Shaomai


Shumai (simplified Chinese: 烧卖; traditional Chinese: 燒賣; pinyin: shāomài), also romanized as siu mai or shaomai, also called pork dumplings (although often other types of dumplings could also be filled with pork), is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling served as dim sum.

In the Qing dynasty, the fillings varied by season: garlic chives in spring, mutton and pumpkin in summer, crab meat in autumn, and mixed seafood in winter.

Many varieties have been created as shumai was gradually introduced to all provinces, where it was adapted to the different regional tastes throughout China. However, most people in Western countries associate shumai with only the Cantonese version due to the Cantonese diaspora.

Shaomai is one of the traditional snacks for breakfast in Guangzhou. About the catering in Guangzhou, we can not miss shaomai. The standard filling is a combination of ingredients, consisting preserved pork, whole or chopped shrimp and Chinese black mush room in small bits. The outer covering is made of a thin sheet of lye water dough. Except pork shaomai there are also beef shaomai in Guangzhou. Beef shaomai has a history of seventy to twenty years. Tourists can find them in tea houses and restaurants.