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Hewei Niuzai Luobo


Beef haslets (organs such as heart and liver) are mixed with radish, seasoned with aniseed and Sichuan pepper, and cooked over an open fire. It’s served hot and best consumed quickly. It is a long Chinese name and is hard to spelling.

But it is indeed hard to forget, when you have had it for once. In Guangzhou beef haslets had nondisjunction fate (which brings lovers together) with radish. They are always cooked together until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.

It seems like the radish and the beef is an admirable arranging. This dish was created by an Islamic chef. It is said, in Guangxu Period (Qing Dynasty), there was a Guangta Temple around where lived a lot of Islamic people. As they don not have pork, the chef opened a restaurant to serve beef. He put the beef haslets together with juice of five seasonings such as pepper of Sichuan, aniseed and so on, and decocted it by slow fire. When cooked, this dish is with endless aftertaste.