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Home Informations Local Food Congee with Pig's Liver and Kidneys

Congee with Pig's Liver and Kidneys


It is a rice congee stewed with pork balls, sliced pig liver and chitling. This rice congee is in white and bright color and interspersed with some red color. There are most stories about the source of this snack.

Congee with Pig Liver and Kidneys is called "Ji Di Zhou" in Chinese which means the Number One Scholar in ancient times. Here is one of the stories, very interesting. It is said in Ming Dynasty there was a poor bel-esprit who is lived by selling vegetables. The boss of a congee restaurant cherished his talent, so he sent the bel-esprit a bowl of porridge every day by the name of buying vegetables. At last this bel-esprit became the Number One Scholar and became an officer. He could not forget the favor of the boss. So he went back to his hometown and wanted to have a bowl of congee again. The boss asked the chef to cook a bowl of congee with pork balls, sliced pig liver and chitling. After that the congee of this restaurant was named "Ji Di Zhou".