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In a bid to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Guangzhou has closed most major tourist attractions, they were "monitoring the situation" and would reveal when they could re-open in due course. We do not recommend traveling to Guangzhou or China before the end of March 2020.

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Guangzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

Guangzhou Vegetarian Restaurants, Guangzhou Vegan Restaurants

An increasing number of vegetarian restaurants blossom in Guangzhou in recent years. People nowadays not only related vegetarianism to religion but more to a healthier way of living. Foodies love the city for its authentic Cantonese cuisine, and vegetarians or anybody who enjoys the odd meat-free meal can certainly enjoy one of the cities veg-focused dining establishments. We recommend the following 7 basic Chinese vegetarian restaurants:

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The best Cantonese Sashimi near Guangzhou

The best sashimi in Shunde


Shunde is one of the cradles of Cantonese cuisine, situated at the core of the Pearl River Delta. The chefs in the city pay special attention to retaining the ingredients' flavors and cook with attractive colors, fragrances and tastes that can be described as "light, fresh, crispy, tender, smooth and genuine". One must-try is the Carp Fish. Using four cooking approaches to handle one fish. Unlike Japanese sashimi, the raw fish of Shunde are given a stellar array of complements.

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Cha Siu Bao

Cha siu bao

Cha siu bao is one of the typical and traditional dim sum of Han nationality in Guangdong. It also is regarded as one of four heavenly kings of dim sum. Cha siu bao or BBQ pork bun is a Cantonese barbecue-pork-filled bun. “Cha siu” refers to the pork filling and the word “bao” simply means bun. There are two major kinds of cha siu bao: steamed and baked. Steamed cha siu bao has a white exterior, while its baked counterpart is browned and glazed. They are served as a type of dim sum during yum cha and are sometimes sold in breakfast diners.

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Bamboo Pressed Noodles

Guangzhou bamboo pressed noddle

The noodle is made with eggs, traditionally made with duck egg, and is considered one of the rarer noodles in existence. Historically the chef rides a bamboo log to press the eggs, flour, and other ingredients together.

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Radish Cake (Luo Bo Gao)


Radish Cake is a traditional cake having in Spring Festival, but people still can find it from market in other seasons. Radish cake is a sweet spice cake with grated radish mixed into the batter. Almost every Cantonese family eats this dessert at every gathering.

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