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Guangzhou Cultural Park


Guangzhou Cultural Park is located in the flourishing shopping centre beside the Pearl River.  Cover an area of 83 thousand square meters, with countless trees making a pleasant shade and a mass of multicoloured flowers, Cultural Park is a perfect pace to hold an exhibition, to do sports and even to appreciate the landscaping. And every year, about 100 million people come here to visit it.


The park completes all kinds of facilities for movies, Chinese folk art forms, billiards and so on. Literature Center Stage, built in 1951, is a place for grand variety performance. Furthermore, some professional or even amateur literary and artistic groups perform on the stage. Inside the park is an ancient style complex consisting of city walls, a courtyard, houses, palaces and gardens. The complex is named Han Town because everything in it, from the wagons, clothes and written characters to the sculptures and furniture, is modeled in the fashion of the Han Dynasty as it was more than 2,000 years ago.

Here are the special activities following:

Spring Festival Flowers Admiring Party

It had started in1959 and usually lasts for 30 days. There are various kinds of flowers in the admiring party including Kumquat, peony, peach blossom and etc. The party is full of blossom flowers and joy.

Lanterns Exhibit in Mid-Autumn Festival


Themes of The Lanterns exhibit are wide and abundant, which not only use Chinese traditional myths such as Journey to the west, but also embroider foreign stories such as Snow White and Mickey Mouse.

Guangzhou Chrysanthemums admiring party


It is not only the exclusive and professional Chrysanthemums admiring party in Guangzhou, but also one of the three traditional flower admiring parties in Culture Park. What's more, so far it has had held 56 but still very popular.


Admission Fee: Free of charge

Opening Hours: Front Gate & North Gate :6:00 am ~9:30 pm

East Gate & West Gate : 6:50 am~ 9:30 pm

Address: 37 Xi Di Er Ma Road , Liwan District(east to the Shamian Island)

Chinese Address: 广州市荔湾区西堤二马路 文化公园

How to get there

  • Take subway line 6 and get off at Cultural Park Station and out of Exit A.