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Yuexiu Park

Guangzhou Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou. Covering an area of 860,000 square meters (212.5 acres), it is made up of three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain; hence the name Yuexiu Park. It is a perfect combination of cultural relics and ecological tourism, reputed for its pretty water and hills as well as cultural relics. The main places of interest include the stone sculpture of the Five Rams, Zhenhai Tower, the site of the Ming Dynasty City Wall, and Square Cannon Site.

The Five-Ram Sculpture is one of the most famous structures in Guangzhou. It has become the emblem of the city. Legend has it that more than 2,000 years ago, the city was a barren land with people who despite hard work were suffering from famine. One day five immortals in five-color garments came riding on five rams, playing their legendary music. The rams held sheaves of rice in their mouths. The immortals left the sheaves of rice for the local people, gave blessings to the city and left. The rams turned into stone and the city became a rich and populous place. Guangzhou got the name of the City of Rams and the City of Ears.

Yuexiu Park is spread over a number of hills and boasts three artificial lakes. Row boats are for hire on one of the lakes while the others provide some picturesque scenes as they are crossed by stone bridges. Also on the grounds are some basic amusement park rides, souvenir stalls and all sorts of other tourist traps. It’s worth taking an hour or so to wander around this tranquil park.


Admission Fee: free of charge
Opening Hours: 6:00 am ~ 9:00 pm

Address: 960, Jie Fang Bei Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Chinese Address: 广州市越秀区解放北路960号 越秀公园

How to get there

  • Take subway line 2 and get off at Yuexiu Park Station.