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Good News For The Airport Passengers

Good news! In order to be convenient for passengers to get to downtown from airport at night, Guangzhou Metro trains has run new extended service since September 1st.

Since 2013, Guangzhou Metro offers a special night train (Line 3) at 23:15 from Airport.S to Tiyu Xilu station, after the regular train stops at 23:00. At that time passengers only can get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station and Tiyu Xilu station. However, it’s different now. Two new metro stations which are Jiahewanggang and Tonghe will be added in this special night train (Line 3).

Meanwhile, Guangzhou Metro provides another special night train (Line 2) from Jiahewanggang to Guangzhou South Railway Station, which sets off at 23:30, supplies 5 station for passengers to get off, including Guangzhou Railway station, Gongyuanqian station, Changgang station, Luoxi station and Guangzhou South Railway Station.

In addition, to improve the traffic condition, some Airport Express services (from the airport to downtown) are extended to 1:00 a.m. They will run pass 24 stops, such as Citic Plaza, the Garden Hotel and Aviation Ticket Office (Railway Station), etc. Thus, passengers can rest assured that they will have a safe, reliable way to make it home.

Tips: According to the metro company, passengers who board the special night train of metro can only get off at certain stations that are listed above. Please do not join the metro from the other line at that time as the last metro on the other line have already stopped operating and only the special night train runs.