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Home Informations 72-hour Visa-free Transit Airport Express Intercity Lines

Airport Express Intercity Lines

Route 01. Dongguan Line

Baiyun Airport – Dongguan (Dalang)

Gate–A7 Arrival Lobby

Dongguan (Dalang) – Baiyun Airport

South China International Auto City, Dalang Town


Baiyun Airport – Dongguan (Wangjiang)

Gate-A5 Arrival Lobby

Dongguan (Wangjiang) – Baiyun Airport

South China Mall City Terminal


Route 02. Foshan Line

Baiyun Airport – Foshan (Kuiqi Road, Changcheng District)

Gate-A4 Arrival Lobby

Foshan – Baiyun Airport

Ground Floor, Lan Shi (International) Metal Trading Center, Chancheng District, Foshan


Route 03. Zhoneshan

Baiyun Airpot – Zhongshan (Shengjing Hotel, Dongyu Road)

Gate-A7 Arrival Lobby

Zhongshan –Baiyun Airpot

Shengjing Hotel, Dongyu Road, Zhongshan


Baiyun Airpot – Xiaolan – Guzhen (Zhongshan Ancient Town Lights Vista)

Gate-A7 Arrival Lobby

Guzhen – Xiaolan –Baiyun Airpot

Zhongshan Ancient Town Lights Vista


Route 04. Huizhou Line

Baiyun Airport – Boluo – Huizhou (First Floor, International Apartment)

Gate-A8 Arrival Lobby

Huizhou – Boluo – Baiyun Airport

No.28 Sanxin Road North


Route 05. Jiangmen Line

Baiyun Airport – Chenshan (Xinhui, shuttle bus for free) – Jiangmen (Yucca Hotel)

Gate-A5 Arrival Lobby

Jiangmen – Chenshan (Xinhui, shuttle bus for free) – Baiyun Airport

Yucca Hotel, No.118 Yingbing Road Central, Jiangmen

Route 06. Nanhai Line

Baiyun Airport – Dali – Nanhai (Guicheng)

Gate-A8 Arrival Lobby

Nanhai (Guicheng) – Dali – Baiyun Airport

East of Foshan Poly Intercontinental Hotal at East Denghu Road

Route 07. Qingyuan Line

Baiyun Airport – Qingyuan (Xincheng District)

Gate-A8 Arrival Lobby

Qingyuan – Baiyun Airport

Haolaideng International Hotel, No.35 North Ricer Road

Route 08. Shenzhen Line

Baiyun Airport – Shenzhen (Bagualing)

Gate-A8 Arrival Lobby

Shenzhen – Baiyun Airport

Baiyun Airlines Building No.618 Baguayi Road, Shenzhen

Route 09. Shunde Line

Baiyun Airport – Shunde (Longshan)

Gate-A9 Arrival Lobby

Shunde (Longshan) – Baiyun Airport

No.2 of the crossing of State Road 325 AND Shunfan Road, Longjiang Section, Shunde


Baiyun Airport – Daliang – Shunde (New city)

Gate-A5 Arrival Lobby

Shunde (Daliang) – Baiyun Airport

First floor of Shunde new city Schwab Community Center

Route 10. Taishan Line

Baiyun Airport – Siqian (Kaiping, Shuikou, Shuttle Bus for free) – Taisan

Gate-A10 Arrival Lobby

Taishan – Siqian (Kaiping, Shuikou, Shuttle Bus for free) – Baiyun Airport

No.2 Pinghu Road, Taicheng, Taishan

Route 11. Yunfu Line

Baiyun Airport – Yunfu

Gate-A5 Arrival Lobby

Yunfu – Baiyun Airport

No.1 Construction Road North, Yunfu City

Route 12. Zhaoqing Line

Baiyun Airport – Sanshui – Zhaoqing (Duanzhou District)

Gate-A9 Arrival Lobby

Zhaoqing – Sanshui – Baiyun Airport

Star Lake Hotel, No.37 Four Duanzhou Road

Route 13. Zhuhai Line

Baiyun Airport – Xiangzhou Tangjia – Zhuahai (Gongbei)

Gate-A6 Arrival Lobby

Zhuhai (Gongbei) – Xiangzhou Tiangjia – Baiyun Airport

Yongtong Hotel, Car Passenger Station, No.1 Lotus Road, Gongbei

Route 14. Wuzhou Line

Baiyun Airport – Antang Service Area – Wuzhou (Guangxi Province)

Gate-A5 Arrival Lobby

Wuzhou (Guangxi Province) – Antang Service Area – Baiyun Airport

Wuzhou Hotel, No.2 Three Xijang Road, Wanxiu District

Route 15. Zengcheng Line

Baiyun Airport – Conghua – Zengcheng

Gate-A8 Arrival Lobby

Zengcheng – Conghua – Baiyun Airport

No.14 Zengcheng Avenue, Licheng Street, Zengcheng

Route 16. Heyuan Line

Baiyun Airport – Heyuan

Gate-A8 Arrival Lobby

Heyuan – Baiyun Airport

Heyuan City Holiday Hotel

Route 17. Conghua

Baiyun Airport – Conghua

Gate-6~7 Arrival Lobby

Conghua – Baiyun Airport

Conghua Passenger Station, No.28 Congcheng Avenue